12 April 2017

Avery’s friend birthday party

Two years ago, Avery hosted her first friend birthday party. She had a great time, so this crazy mama offered to have another friend party this year.

I gave her several theme options, and she chose Pancakes and Pajamas. She loved the idea of eating breakfast foods in the middle of the day while wearing pajamas!

Avery invited four girls from church and three girls from school. She has chosen some wonderful friends! We love all of them!

We started off the party with making edible necklaces out of Fruit Loops. That was a bit of a bust because I used yarn instead of a sturdier material. The Fruit Loops didn’t thread onto the yarn very well. Lesson learned.

Then we enjoyed the breakfast buffet. I went all out with a pancakes/waffle station complete with three fruits, whipped cream, chocolate chips, sprinkles, and syrup. We also had fruit and yogurt parfaits, cereal, and bacon along with milk and orange juice. I was shocked that the girls didn’t eat very much. They preferred to eat the pancake toppings without the pancakes! So we still have a freezer full of pancakes.

After brunch, we played a fun candy game and then Truth or Dare. That one was quite entertaining!

Then Avery opened her presents.

Besides wearing their pajamas, Avery asked the girls to bring their favorite stuffed friends. They loved taking pictures together! The ring pops that look like pacifiers are thanks to a last-minute purchase by Daddy.

If someone can explain to me the fascination with dabbing, I’d really appreciate it.

Finally, the girls spent a lot of time playing in Avery’s room. This wasn’t so much a party as it was a huge playdate! And that was fine with me because Avery and all of her guests were happy at the end of the day.

I couldn’t have done this party without Aunt Karen’s assistance and Daddy’s work on the pancakes, waffles, and bacon!