03 September 2016

Damon's potty training: Day two

Today was both worse and better -- worse because we changed Damon's underwear at least 12 times (though he was only slightly wet each time) and better because he went in the potty chair many more times than yesterday.

It seems Damon is learning a bit of control. He will catch himself going in his underpants then stop and say, "Let's go!" He doesn't always finish in the potty chair, but I still call that progress!

He woke up dry both first thing this morning and after his nap. He had a few little accidents throughout the day, but they were followed by a BIG potty in the potty chair. And there were plenty of runs to the bathroom for false alarms. I had to look back at Avery's potty training to remember that she had what seemed like hundreds of false alarms herself.

Now all we need is Damon to poop in the potty chair!

Chris and I both were a bit discouraged. We know it's all starting to click in Damon's head, but maybe we had some unrealistic expectations about how quickly this would all come together for him. Added to the discouragement, we are completely exhausted. Whether that's due to constantly running to the bathroom for false alarms or simply tiredness from normal life I can't say. I just hope we all three survive the weekend!

We are so grateful that Grandma and Grandpa Hromada and Aunt Karen stole Avery away for a couple of overnight adventures. We definitely couldn't do all of this with Avery hanging around here.

Here's hoping we have a good report tomorrow night!