09 August 2016

Seeing things with a new perspective

Just when I thought Avery couldn't be anymore like me, she recently was diagnosed with astigmatism...just like dear old Mom. Back at her yearly well-child exam, Avery's doctor suggested that she get a complete eye exam. Right before school started, she finally had that exam. And the doctor said she'd need glasses for the astigmatism. It seems she has a mild case right now, so let's hope it doesn't get any worse.

After nearly fainting at the huge price tag on glasses at the doctor's office and simply being overwhelmed with the situation, I decided it was best to shop around a bit. We found that we could buy two pairs of glasses for less than half of the price at the doctor's office. Score! So we bought these two pairs:

A pink wire-rimmed pair for everyday wear...

...and a thicker turquoise pair for being more active.

I struggled with this milestone. For me, the bullying at school started after I got glasses. And it simply wasn't cool to wear glasses back then. But now glasses look so much more fashionable, and so many kids have them so there's not a stigma attached to glasses anymore.

On the other hand, Avery thinks it's pretty cool to have glasses just like some of her friends.

My only concern now is making sure she takes care of the glasses and doesn't break them!