19 August 2016

Damon's second birthday party

Did you wonder if Damon had his second birthday? Once again, I'm slow on the draw. So here is his birthday in review...finally!

On Damon's actual birthday, the four of us went out for pizza and frozen yogurt at our favorite local shop. Then Damon opened his presents from Avery, Mommy, and Daddy.

Believe it or not, Damon didn't have an IU hat. So Daddy knew just what to give Damon for his birthday.

Daddy also knew it was high time for Damon to have his first pair of Nike tennis shoes.

 Avery chose two construction trucks for Damon because he loves anything with wheels!

Damon's big gift was a balance bike. This is a different way of teaching kids to ride a bike. They learn to balance first (as young as 18 months!) then comes the easy part of pedaling and breaking. Both Chris and I had heard good things about balance bikes. And since Avery still has training wheels on her two-wheeler, we figured we could try a balance bike with Damon

He was very eager to ride his new orange bike and wear his matching orange helmet. Since his birthday, he has gotten more comfortable with the bike. We'll see how this goes!

On the Sunday after Damon's birthday, the grandparents and Aunt Karen joined us for a little party. As I mentioned before, Damon loves cars and trucks. So I was leaning toward having some type of vehicular theme for the party. Then when Grandma Hromada surprised Damon with a personlalized birthday shirt featuring a dump truck, I knew we had to go with a construction theme!

Decorating was easy! One roll of caution tape, some black and yellow accessories, and plenty of construction toys from Damon's personal collection was all we needed to make the house look festive.

I purchased these construction toys just for the cake. The "dirt" is crushed Oreo cookies.

All of the food also fit in the construction theme.

Wrecking Balls – cheese balls
Nuts and Bolts – Chex Mix
Measuring Tape – bubble gum
Rope Knots Salad – pasta salad
Traffic Cones – Bugles snacks
Build Your Own Burger station
Tools – silverware

Damon didn't need any help opening his presents. He knew just what to do! Though I don't know who was more excited about his toys – Daddy or Damon!

Here Damon is trying to show two fingers, in case you don't know how old he is.

Happy (very belated) birthday to our sweet little boy!