08 July 2016

Two years

It’s so hard to believe this chunky boy is turning 2 years old today. I thought the years went by quickly with Avery, but they’re so much faster with Damon!

In so many ways, Damon truly completed our family. He brings so much fun and spunk to our house. He’s all boy, loving all sports and anything with wheels. But he’s also sweet and loving to everyone in his family and so kind to Avery...most of the time! He’s quite the talker and “reader” already, and he’s constantly working hard to keep up with his big sister. For the time being, he still enjoys hugs, kisses, cuddles, and rocking in the rocking chair. But all too soon, these things will become much more sporadic. I’m trying to enjoy his toddler years because I know in no time at all, we’ll be sending him to kindergarten!

To celebrate this special day, here are some random photos from Damon’s first two years:

Happy birthday, D!

Mommy loves you!