28 May 2016


Last weekend, we enjoyed a Touch-a-Truck event sponsored by Beats for Bristol. The founder of that organization is a Clark family friend. This event is a fun way to support her and her organization!

When we went to last year’s event, Damon didn’t appreciate the trucks or their noises. We thought he would be more excited about things this year, especially the “bump gucks.” But he was rather timid. The event was crowded with lots of trucks and lots of people. I’m sure he’ll really be into it next time!

Damon and Avery’s favorite “truck” was the school bus. I can understand why Damon liked it so much. After watching Avery get on and off the bus every day, I’m sure he was excited to finally see the inside of the bus. But Avery? Well, I guess we should be happy that she enjoys riding the school bus so much!