06 May 2016

7-year doctor's appointment

Three months after her birthday, Avery finally had her annual doctor’s appointment yesterday. Here are her latest stats:

Weight – 41.4 pounds, an increase of 3 pounds since last year (10th percentile)
Height – 44.5 inches, an increase of 2.25 inches since last year (between 3rd and 5th percentile)

The poor girl is not going to be very tall!

We had just one major issue to discuss with the doctor. We have noticed that Avery tends to put books very close to her face when she reads, and it appears that she has difficulties reading things that are far away (though she’s never complained about not seeing the whiteboard at school). The nurse gave Avery a quick eye exam, but I could tell Avery was a bit uncomfortable in the situation. Her doctor said it wouldn’t hurt to get her eyes checked out by an ophthalmologist. So scheduling her first eye exam now is on my to-do list!