10 May 2016

BSF 2015-2016: What I learned this year

Whew! We made it through our study of the book of Revelation this year! I’m so glad we studied this important part of Scripture. Here is what I learned this year:

What I learned in my personal study

God is my magnificent, glorious Redeemer, and He alone is worthy of praise. At the beginning of this study, I was worried that it would be all gloom and doom. Instead, I saw God and His complete character. I saw Him seated victoriously, magnificently, and gloriously on His throne. I saw His sovereignty in His plan for all people, both now and for eternity. I saw His compassion, mercy, and patience as He calls people to salvation through Jesus until the final moment when it becomes too late. I saw a beautiful picture of Jesus as my slain Lamb who finally brought an end to Satan and his evil plans.

Heaven is a real place. Heaven is not just an ideal or a dream. It is a real place that will be filled with real people. Heaven is a physical, eternal place surrounded by gates and firm foundations. It is adorned with gold and jewels. And the most remarkable part is that God will dwell there face-to-face with His people for all eternity.

Jesus is coming...soon! There is no doubt that Jesus is coming back to earth. He will return to establish His kingdom on earth. He will return to take His children home with Him. He will return to judge unbelievers for the way they rejected Him. While we know that Jesus will return, we do not know the day or the time. So we must be prepared and ready at anytime. Are you ready for Jesus’ return? Do you know for certain that He will give you eternal rewards as someone who trusts in Him instead of eternal judgment as someone who rejects Him? He is ready now to receive you as His child. Will you humbly accept His sacrifice on the cross as payment for your sins?

What I learned by serving in the School Program

God’s gift of salvation is available to everyone. The difficult concepts of salvation, eternal life, and heaven can be understood and accepted by even young children. God makes Himself accessible to everyone, including children. In fact, sometimes the youngest among us can be the ones who most clearly explain the truths of God. If you are looking for a place where you children can be grounded in the truth of God and His Word, look no further than BSF.

I hope you enjoyed our study through the book of Revelation! Has my experience this year piqued your interest about studying God’s Word? Are you looking for answers to your questions about Christianity? Check out BSF! Find a class near you and commit to learning about God through the our study of the book of John next year. Or find a Bible study at your local church, ask a friend to study with you and hold you accountable, or start studying on your own. God will reveal amazing things to you and will change you from the inside out when you commit to studying His Word.

See you in September when we start our study of John!