16 March 2016

First dental check-up

Since he has a mouth full of teeth, it was time for Damon to see our pediatric dentist. So yesterday he joined Avery at her regular appointment.

When the dental hygienist called his name, Damon happily sauntered back to the exam area. I went with him, and most likely this will be the only time I accompany him. With Damon’s legs on my lap and his head on Dr. Mark’s lap, Damon got a quick check-up, teeth cleaning, and fluoride treatment – all with some tears and a little squirming. But he handled everything pretty well!

After the trauma was over, the hygienist offered Damon a balloon, and he excitedly said “boon!” He was willing to suffer through the check-up to get the “boon!”

As with Avery, it highly probable that Damon will need braces when he gets older. In fact, Dr. Mark mentioned that we probably will discuss braces for Avery within the next year. Egads!

Now Damon and Avery will commiserate together at teeth cleanings twice a year!