02 March 2016

Avery’s seventh birthday party

For several years, I’ve been eyeing a beautiful rainbow birthday cake. Several times, I tried convincing Avery that a rainbow birthday party would be so fun...brightly colored decor, rainbow-themed food, and of course that cake. This year, she finally relented and agreed to a have a rainbow birthday party with the grandparents and Aunt Karen.

Since her birthday was on a Sunday, we got to celebrate on her real birthday. The “entrée” was pizza since it’s one of Avery's favorite foods. She helped me create a rainbow M&M’s display like this one.

We also had rainbow fruit kabobs with chocolate dipping sauce...

...a rainbow veggie tray...

...and the pièce de résistance. I ended up following these instructions, which were quite helpful. I knew the cake would taste fine, but I was so nervous about what it would look like!

The extent of our decorating was adding rainbow streamers to the dining room. Surprisingly, Avery was very excited about them. Even Damon loved them!

Before everyone arrived, Chris and I gave our gifts to Avery.

It’s about time that she has a Center Grove Trojans T-shirt!

She was shocked and excited about her new Frozen sheet set.

After I took this picture, I marveled at how grown up she looks. She’s certainly becoming a beautiful young lady!

Damon had to get in on the picture action too!

After enjoying lunch, Avery was anxious to open her gifts. Her only wish list items were Legos (courtesy of Mommy and Daddy) and Shopkins (courtesy of everyone else). She is obsessed with Shopkins!

After blowing out her candle, it was time for the moment of truth. How would the cake look?

It actually looked like a rainbow!

The purple layer was too dark, and the blue layer was too light. But overall, I was pretty impressed with my baking skills...rather, my food coloring skills.

Another birthday is in the books. So hard to believe my girl now is 7 years old!


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