27 January 2016

18-month doctor's appointment

Yesterday, it was confirmed that we have a happy, healthy boy when Damon went to his 18-month doctor's appointment. Here are his current stats:

Weight – 25 pounds, 6 ounces (He gained more than 2 pounds since his last visit three months ago.)
Length – 31.25 inches (He grew 1.5 inches.)
Head – 18.5 inches (His big 'ol noggin didn't grow very much.)

Once again, we discussed Damon's dry skin. The doctor prescribed a mild steroid ointment. He thinks the chances are good that Damon eventually will outgrow this minor skin ailment.

Just after Christmas, we took Damon to the doctor because we noticed that he was limping drastically. At the time, the doctor told us it most likely was a deep muscle bruise. But he told us to keep an eye on it. Within a few days, the limp was gone and Damon seemed to be back to normal. The doctor checked his leg yesterday, and everything was fine. So it seems that he indeed had only a deep bruise back in December.

Lately, Damon points to his diaper when it's time to change it. I don't think he's ready for potty training quite yet, but the doctor said we're free to start whenever we're all ready. Avery was very easy to potty train, and I was expecting the opposite with a boy. But maybe Damon won't be so difficult after all!

I thought we were done with the shots, but the doctor informed me that Damon received only half a flu shot at his last appointment. He needed a second dose today. (Apparently, it's protocol to give the flu shot to toddlers in two doses.) So Damon had to suffer through a minor poke on his thigh. But the tears didn't last long.

The next appointment is at 2 years. By that time, we should be able to understand half of what Damon says. That will make life easier for everybody since we don't know what he's saying a lot of the time! He also should be speaking in two-word sentences. The doctor said Damon also should know body parts very well and follow simple commands. I think we can mark these two off the list right now! While Damon knows his body parts, he isn't speaking them yet so that will be the next milestone.

Recently, Avery and I counted the words Damon speaks at 11. For posterity, here they are:

A (for Avery)
D (for Damon)
nana (banana)
bah (ball)
Ah-ee (for Aunt Karen's cat Oliver)
dorge (for Curious George)

Mommaw Clark said Damon said "tiger" yesterday, thanks to the TV show Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. But Damon refused to perform and say the word for us!