31 December 2015

Throwback Thursday: Saying adios to 2015

I'm cheating a bit on my Throwback Thursday post today. Since it's New Year's Eve, it's the perfect time for a brief review about our year.

When my 2014 ended so terribly, I was happy to see a fresh year start last January. I wasn't sure where God was going to take our family this year, but He remained faithful, He never abandoned us, and He brought us through another year, better and brighter than ever before!

After spending some time decompressing and enjoying life with Damon at home, God orchestrated countless details that allowed me to start my own freelancing business. It's been a slow start, but that's usually the way small businesses begin. I have a few clients with consistent work and other clients who contact me when my help is needed. Now that I've gotten my feet wet in this entrepreneurial adventure, I plan to work on recruiting more clients in the coming year. I'm also committed to improving my business blog, so follow me on there as well!

To bring in some more consistent income, in August I started working part time as the office administrator at a local church. It just so happens that it's the church where Chris grew up and where his parents still attend! Through this work, I have discovered that I love helping behind the scenes at a small church. And I especially love helping a congregation that holds a very special place in my heart.

Chris is the lowest paid, most unappreciated investments manager I know. He enjoys his work and is a fantastic employee. This year brought some challenges to Chris at work, but he handled them all masterfully. On top of this, Chris is a phenomenal basketball referee. I love watching him do something he loves so much and is so good at doing! And if that's not enough, he's the most incredible husband and father I know, and I know a lot of them!

What can I say about these two? Avery surprises me every day with how much she is learning and growing. She can't get enough of her Junie B. Jones and Judy Moody books, and she has fallen in love with playing the piano. I used to think Avery was a mini-Chris; then along came Damon. Not only does he look like Daddy, he acts like him too. It is so encouraging to watch Damon learn new things so quickly, and I'm extra happy that he finally started saying Mama more consistently this month!

I have no idea what 2016 holds for us. But I do know that God is holding our future and us in His hands. The Carefree Clarks wish you a very blessed New Year!