09 November 2015

At the bus stop

Every day, Damon and I take Avery to the bus stop in the morning and meet her there in the afternoon. Last year, Damon wasn't too sure of the bus. It was big and loud and scared him a bit. But when he learned that his best friend got off that big yellow thing every afternoon, and he started to get excited.

When I announce it's time to pick her up at the bus stop every afternoon, Damon quickly runs and excitedly points to the door. Then when he sees the bus come around the corner, he kicks his legs and points at the bus. When Avery steps off the bus, Damon grunts, giggles and waves a greeting to her.

I had to videotape his reaction. On this day, he wasn't quite as excited as he usually is. But you still can see his love for his big sister!