17 July 2015

1-year doctor's appointment

Turning 1 year old means it's time for a doctor's appointment...and vaccines. Let's start with Damon's current stats:

Weight – 21 pounds, 11 ounces (50th percentile)
Length – 28.25 inches (10th percentile)
Head – unknown measurement (25th percentile)

I thought for sure he would weigh more than 21 pounds. I guess it's just my perception; it feels like he weighs a lot more than that!

We had several "little" questions for the doctor. First, we talked about transitioning away from the bottle. Since Damon's birthday, we've slowly introduced whole milk in his bottles and sippy cups. He has done a great job with it and seems to love milk. So now we need to get rid of the bottles. We'll start dropping one bottle every few days. Avery didn't have any issues giving up the bottle, but I feel like Damon is a bit more attached than she was. So here's hoping he doesn't get too upset about losing the bottle!

All foods are fair game now (except for fresh honey, but we don't have fresh honey!). Damon has already proven himself to be a more adventurous eater than Avery, although she was willing to try a lot of foods at this age. I suspect that Damon will have a pretty hearty appetite, and Avery will continue to be our picky eater.

Damon is doing a much better job of sleeping through the night (we had a few rough months earlier this year), but he still hasn't improved on his daytime naps. I'm lucky if he sleeps an hour the whole day. The doctor said Damon might not be a big napper, even though I think he needs more sleep! So the doctor suggested implementing "quiet time" in his crib, even if it ends up being a fussy, crying time. We'll see how that goes!

Finally, we talked about walking. Damon is a real mover. He's practically running everywhere, especially when he's chasing Avery or Daddy around the house. We noticed that he's walking a bit pigeon-toed. The doctor said that's perfectly normal, and we only should be concerned if it gets worse. Damon also doesn't enjoy wearing shoes. Dr. Roscoe said he doesn't have to wear shoes unless it's necessary for protection. Eventually, he'll get used to wearing them!

Damon got three vaccines and a finger prick to check for anemia. That test came back clear.

His next appointment will be at 15 months.