23 June 2015

Evolution of a walker

Over the past six months or so, Damon has made huge strides (pun intended) in his movement, going from barely crawling to walking in that short amount of time. I knew he would be walking before his first birthday, and that's exactly what happened!

Maybe it's because he's the second child and I knew what to expect or maybe it's because I'm spending so much time at home with him these days, but I've noticed the marked difference in his movement. Luckily, I caught most of it in videos.

Video taken Jan. 22, 2015
He started by flopping around while lying on his stomach like Superman. It's funny to look at this video and see him so immobile. Now that he enjoys his freedom, I can hardly keep him in one room!

Video taken Jan. 26, 2015
Then he was spinning and getting up on all fours.

Video taken Jan. 29, 2015
After that was the army crawl.

Video taken Jan. 31, 2015
Then he was hopping forward while on all fours.

Video taken Feb. 6, 2015
Next was rolling every which way and semi-crawling.

Video taken Feb. 13, 2015
Finally it was real crawling. He didn't even mind crawling on the slippery kitchen floor. In fact, I think he liked it!

Video taken June 22, 2015
For the past few weeks, he has been taking a few steps before falling down and resorting to crawling. But on Father's Day, he was showing off his walking skills all day, probably because he had an audience full of grandparents and an aunt. Then yesterday, he was walking all over the place like he's done it his entire life. I love these early, wobbly steps!

I hate to admit it, but my baby is a walker now!