01 May 2015

6-year doctor's appointment

After Damon's full doctor's appointment a couple of weeks ago, it was nice to have a rather uneventful appointment with Avery this week. Here are her latest stats:

Weight – 38.2 pounds, an increase of four pounds since last year (between 10th and 25th percentile)
Height – 42.25 inches, an increase of two inches since last year (5th percentile)

She's growing well, but she's a petite little thing!

Our main concern with Avery is her eating habits. I guess you can call her a picky eater. She does OK at breakfast, and she loves eating lunch at school. But dinner almost always is a challenge. If she had a choice, she would eat either pizza or a peanut butter sandwich every night! She hardly eats anything without a fight. She always complains about what I make for dinner, even if it's something she likes. Case in point: Last weekend, we celebrated cousin Joel's birthday. Lori Anne made a yummy taco bar. Avery scarfed down two whole tacos without any fighting! But when I make tacos at home, she whines and complains and barely eats any of them. It's not very good for this home cook's ego.

Between this article and Dr. Roscoe's advice, Chris and I are going to chill out at dinnertime. We will let Avery choose how much she will eat from the food on the table. If she refuses, it's OK. We've already stuck to our guns about not making a separate meal for her and about no snacking between meals (except for an after-school snack). Hopefully one day she will expand her palate and food choices. Until then, we'll just let her be a big girl and make her own choices!