04 May 2015

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In mid-March, I took a huge leap of faith and started my own virtual assistant business, The Wordsmith VA. What exactly is a virtual assistant? A virtual assistant (VA) is a highly-skilled, independent professional who provides administrative, technical or creative business support services. Virtual assistants are off-site administrative professionals.

Virtual assistants choose their niches based on their own skills and expertise. I am focused on providing writing, editing and administrative services for small business owners. I love grammar and writing, and I'm very detailed and organized. All of this translates well into the VA industry.

A few years ago, I began investigating what it means to be a VA. It was a very intriguing prospect, and it sounded like something I could do. But I wasn't sure how to build a business while still working, even though I was working only 30 hours a week. Then I lost my job in December. When that happened, it felt like my world was caving in. I had no idea what the future held for me. And honestly, I'm still wondering what God is doing in my life! But losing my job was a blessing in disguise. It gave me the chance to dive in to the VA industry and owning my own business. I wouldn't have had so much time to organize and create my business if I was still working full time. So thank you, God, for allowing me to get laid off! :o)

Building a new career from the ground up is challenging and time consuming. But so far, it's been very rewarding. By simply reaching out to small business owners I know personally, I've already taken on a few short-term projects. On my list for the near future is networking to other small business owners and showing them how I can make their lives easier. I hope all of that will lead to some more clients. My ultimate goal is to have consistent projects with clients I love to work with!

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