05 May 2015

BSF 2014-2015: What I learned this year

I so enjoyed studying Moses this year in BSF (for the second time!). I think he may have become my favorite character in the Bible! Here is what I learned this year as we studied Moses’ life:

What I learned in my personal study

I must imitate Moses’ godly character. Moses was humble, obedient and faithful to God. He cared more for other people than himself. He sought out God’s direction before every decision. He persevered, depended only on God and followed God even when those around him wanted to abandon God. Jesus Christ also demonstrated all of these characteristics, and I must imitate Jesus as well.

Just as God provided for the Israelites’ every need, God also is my faithful Provider. God knew exactly what the Israelites needed, when they needed it. Even when the Israelites grumbled and complained, God still provided for them. He provided Moses to lead them out of slavery, He provided the Passover lamb as a symbol of salvation, He provided the pillar of fire and the cloud of smoke to guide them, He provided daily manna to sustain them, He provided the Levites to teach them about His laws and finally He provided the Promised Land. God also has provided for my every need. Because God is sovereign, He knew that I would lose my job last year. He is using that situation to show that He is faithful and He is the only One worth following. He has provided family members to help me care for my children, He has extended our finances more than Chris and I could expect and He has provided an open door for starting my own freelance business. In the midst of chaos and confusion, God has revealed Himself as a faithful Provider.

What I learned by serving in the School Program

God’s difficult truths can be understood by anyone. We tackled some challenging doctrines and situations as we studied Moses and the Israelites this year. But even the youngest children in our School Program were taught these things in a loving, concrete way so they could understand how to apply these truths to their lives. The children also were taught how to defend their faith and answer they may be asked by people seeking to know the truth of God. While God’s Word can be challenging, it also can prick the heart of even a young child.

I hope you enjoyed our study about Moses and the Israelites! Has my experience this year piqued your interest about studying God’s Word? Are you looking for answers to your questions about Christianity? Check out BSF! Find a class near you and commit to learning about God through the our study of the book of Revelation next year. Or find a Bible study at your local church, ask a friend to study with you and hold you accountable or start studying on your own. God will reveal amazing things to you and will change you from the inside out when you commit to studying His Word.

See you in September when we begin our exciting study of Revelation!