20 April 2015

BSF 2015-2016: Are you prepared for the end times?

With all the excitement and busyness that comes with finishing my BSF study of the life of Moses, I have failed to tell you about the amazing opportunity you have to join BSF next year.

After years of prayer and preparation, BSF is launching its study of the book of Revelation next year. This couldn't come at a better time. Based on events happening around the world and in our own country and the persecution we see toward Christians everywhere, it is clear that we are living in the end times. The end times lead up to Jesus' second coming.

Even before Jesus died on the cross, He promised to return to earth one day and take His children home to heaven. Jesus also promised to bring eternal judgment on those who are against Him. While Jesus' return is something Christians look forward to, it will be a trying and difficult time for anyone who does not believe in Christ. Our study of the book of Revelation next year will explain the specific events leading up to Jesus' second return, the blessings Christians will experience in their eternal lives with Jesus and the ghastly judgment unbelievers will experience for all eternity.

I hope my posts through the years have shed some light on what it means to study the Bible in BSF. If you still have questions, find out a little more about BSF in this short video.

Do you want to study the book of Revelation next year? Find a class near you. Or join me on Monday nights on the south side of Indianapolis. If you have school-aged children, I would love to have them join me in the School Program! We are hosting welcome classes tonight and next Monday night. There you can hear about BSF and register for next year's study. We also have satellite classes that meet on other nights of the week in Mooresville and Greenfield. Contact me for the details!

And as always, you can follow along here on the blog. I've studied the book of Revelation in the past, but I know the BSF plan will be much more in-depth and thought-provoking. Next year's study will cover some challenging material. But I'm so excited to see how God will use this study to strengthen believers around the world to stand up for Christ and share His salvation message that can change the world...and your own life. Will you join me as we learn about Jesus' second coming as told in the book of Revelation?

Blessed is the one who reads the words of this prophecy,
and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it,
because the time is near.
Revelation 1:3