28 April 2015

BSF 2014-2015: Deuteronomy 33-34

This week, we see Moses approach his death focused on God and His people. Moses could have focused only on himself. Instead he wanted to share everything he could with the Israelites to draw them to God.

Moses starts by praising God. He directs their attention to God and reminds them that He will help them conquer the Promised Land. Then Moses blesses each tribe. The tribes were blessed according to what God knew they needed. Each tribe (and its accompanying blessings) worked together as a nation. Moses ends the blessings by again pointing the people to God and His character.

And finally, Moses climbs Mount Nebo. There God shows him all of the Promised Land. Then Moses dies. God buries Moses on the mountain. The Israelites grieve Moses for 30 days. Joshua is empowered to lead the people into the Promised Land.

Moses stands firm to the end. God calls him a faithful servant of the Lord. Moses is a beautiful Old Testament picture of the Messiah. Moses’ life and life work pointed to the coming of Jesus Christ:

  • Moses was faithful to walk with God and spoke to God as a friend. Jesus called His disciples friends.
  • Moses humbly denied his own abilities and relied on God. Jesus did not consider Himself worthy of His task.
  • Moses spent time with God, listened to God’s word and obeyed. Jesus came to do God’s will.
  • Moses was devoted to his people and interceded on their behalf. Jesus did the same.
  • Moses shepherded his people and was ready to lay down his life for them. Jesus did lay down His life for us.
  • Moses and Jesus were born into godly homes at difficult times in Jewish history. Their lives were threatened. They gave up riches and rewards to obey God and lead their people.
  • Moses and Jesus were rejected by their people at their first comings. The people accepted Moses at his second coming, and soon the whole world will see Jesus for who He is at His second coming.
  • Moses and Jesus were meek and humble.
  • Moses and Jesus trained their disciples before they went to heaven.

It’s hard to believe we’ve finished our study of Moses’ life! Next week I’ll share what I learned this year.

Things to Think About
  • Don’t compare my blessings to others’ blessings. Any blessing from God is part of His plan for me.
  • A man or woman of God praises the Lord and blesses others. God calls us to bless people who are kind to us and people who curse us. He even tells us to pray for the people who persecute us.
  • How will I praise God this week? To whom will I speak blessings this week?
  • Moses left a legacy for his people. What kind of legacy am I leaving my family?
  • How are my life and my life work reflecting Jesus?