07 April 2015

BSF 2014-2015: Deuteronomy 1-26

In the book of Deuteronomy, Moses and the Israelites are on the other side of the Jordan River from the Promised Land. Moses gives three “sermons” to share his final words with the Israelites. In these sermons, Moses reminds the people of where they came from and where they’re going.

Moses calls together the entire Israelite community. He gives his parting words to everyone, not just the leaders. Moses wants the people to know that God is their leader, and He will be their faithful guide. He will fight on their behalf.

Moses instructs the people to listen and obey. He recounts the Israelites’ history – their successes and failures. Then Moses repeats God’s commandments and decrees and reminds the Israelites to obey God because He is their leader.

Moses reminds them to worship God alone and not to worship idols and other gods. Through Moses, God instructs the Israelites to destroy their enemies’ idols and altars because He alone is worthy of their worship. God calls His people to holiness and righteousness.

Finally, Moses gives principles for godly living.

Things to Think About

  • What are my parting words to people? Am I gracious and kind? Do I point others to God?
  • What should I change in my parting words so people remember God instead of me?
  • Revelations from God demand a response. How do I respond when God reveals Himself through my Bible study? How long does it take me to respond?
  • To love God with all of your heart means to obey Him with all of your strength. Is my greatest passion to serve and love God?
  • Am I loving and obeying God?