07 April 2015

2015 brackets: Championship update

The tide has shifted! Grandpa Hromada held the bragging rights and the family trophy for the past two years. But someone finally bumped him from the top of our bracket pool...and it was me! Victory is mine!

Karen and I were fighting it out on Saturday night. If Kentucky had beaten Wisconsin, then Karen would have taken home the trophy.

Chris will be quick to point out that he actually guessed more games correctly than I did. But the points are what count, leading to my first victory in the family bracket pool!

Here are the final rankings (in order of ESPN points standing):

2-1 in Final Four
44-19 overall

2-1 in Final Four
45-18 overall

2-1 in Final Four
39-24 overall

Jon (Grandpa Hromada)
0-3 in Final Four
40-23 overall

Shirley (Grandma Hromada)
0-3 in Final Four
35-28 overall

0-3 in Final Four
20-43 overall