02 March 2015

The Tooth Fairy's first visit

Avery noticed her first loose tooth a few days before Thanksgiving. For the past three months, she has been wiggling that thing like crazy, very anxious for it to fall out. Last Monday, she came home from school without that tooth!

She informed me that she actually pulled it out herself! She and her classmates were walking to their room after lunch when she pulled the tooth. Her teacher noticed it, and the group stopped at the clinic on the way back to the classroom. Ms. Kidd informed the nurse that Avery lost her first tooth. The nurse gave Avery a pink treasure box for the tooth.

Avery was so excited to have reached this important milestone for a kindergartener. On Monday night, she put her tooth in the Tooth Fairy pillow that Grandma Hromada made for her. The next morning, Avery discovered that the Tooth Fairy took the tooth and left a $5 bill! The Tooth Fairy told us that Avery shouldn't expect that much money for each tooth; the first one was extra special!