16 February 2015

Eating the good stuff

Right after Christmas, we decided to start Damon on "real" food in addition to his bottles. Even though his pediatrician gave us the green light in November, we just weren't ready to take the plunge until the holidays were over. We started with rice cereal to get him used to eating with a spoon:

He wasn't interested at all in the cereal. (Avery's distractions at mealtime probably didn't help!) Nearly every time we fed him, he closed his mouth and shook his head to let us know he didn't want to eat the cereal. That is not the reaction I expected from a Clark boy since they're known to enjoy eating! Granted, we didn't try very hard to get him to like the cereal. But he was doing fine with the spoon, so about two weeks later we moved on to vegetables. First up was carrots, just like Big Sister Avery:

He enjoyed carrots much better than the cereal! He also has eaten sweet potatoes and squash. He's really getting the hang of sitting in the high chair and eating from the spoon. And I think he actually likes the foods. I know this because he usually happily opens his mouth, ready to take a bite. In fact, just last week he opened his mouth as soon as I took the lid off the food container! He was rarin' to go for that meal!

We'll try peas soon, and then he can have some fruits. After that is the best part – table foods! Daddy can't wait to share pizza and wings with his little man.