07 November 2014

There's no crying in basketball!

At Avery's basketball practice last week, I noticed that she seems to prefer playing defense instead of offense. She was very attentive to her assigned opponent and even used proper defensive stances to guard him closely. I was anxious to see how this translated into action at her first "real" basketball game last weekend.

She did not disappoint! She was very good about defending her opponents. In fact, she was so intense about it that she often forgot to turn around and help her teammates when they were on offense...something she'll need to work on!

She was tightly guarding one boy, scooting back and forth on the floor with her hands out in front of his face. Not in an obnoxious way, just being a good defender. (Never mind that it was her team's turn on offense!) Then suddenly I saw Avery's opponent crying. He was standing on the side of the court looking into the stands at his mother. Then he ran into the stands to be comforted by Mommy, leaving Avery alone on the court. She stopped her stellar defense and looked a little confused. Her mad defensive skills sent her opponent crying for his mommy! I was proud of her commitment on defense, but at the same time I was a little mortified that my little girl caused someone to cry. Then Chris assured me that Avery didn't do anything wrong. She's just a good defender!

After the game, Avery was rather pleased with herself. I think we need to work on being humble, too!