02 November 2014

Elsa and Olaf

As you might expect, Avery chose to be Elsa for Halloween this year (along with a million other little girls around the country). And then Avery suggested that Damon dress up as Olaf. So Grandma Hromada was presented with a challenge. I knew the Elsa dress wouldn't be a problem. But I was curious to see how she would handle the Olaf outfit.

Well, Grandma came through as usual and made an adorable costume! Damon made a very cute Olaf.

Avery was a beautiful Elsa, complete with an Elsa wig.

Here Avery is doing her best imitation of Elsa's ice powers.

Once again this year, we spent Halloween evening at our church's Fall Fest. Avery was one of a hundred Elsas, and there were several little brothers dressed up as Olaf, too. But no one had costumes handmade with love!