25 October 2014

Trying a new sport

After getting a taste of soccer, gymnastics and ballet, Avery tried a new sport this week -- basketball. Well, it's not exactly new, but it's new to her in that she's playing it "competitively"...as competitively as 6-year-olds can play! Once again, we signed her up to participate at our church. We love how our church combines learning sports with learning about God and good sportsmanship.

Here's the outfit Daddy and Avery selected together -- Nike headband, Pacers T-shirt and wristband and IU pants. She definitely looked like she belonged on the court. As I said on Instagram, no matter how she plays, at least she looks good!

Look at this -- Avery's team has six boys plus her. If she was boy crazy, she would love this situation!

See how all of the boys' balls are bouncing every which way? Now look at Avery. Calm, cool and collected...thanks to the pointers Daddy has been giving her!

This picture is a little deceiving. Avery was able to shoot the ball high, but it never got close enough to go in the net.

For Chris, making the basket isn't as important as using the correct shooting motion. She is really good with the mechanics, so we know eventually she'll get stronger and the ball will get in the basket.

Besides dribbling, the team also worked on bounce passes. These are two techniques that Daddy coached her on before the first practice.

She loved taking turns shooting the ball with her teammates. And she didn't care that she never made a basket. It's a good thing she isn't easily discouraged!

I loved watching her try something new. But the most challenging part was sitting next to Chris. Under his breath, he gave the coach some pointers. I think it was difficult for Chris to sit on the bench! At one point, the coach asked for an assistant, and the mom of one player stepped in to help. Chris wasn't pleased with how this mom instructed Avery to shoot the ball, so next time he might have to volunteer to help the coach!

Chris and I were pleasantly surprised at how well Avery played. We may have found the sport she likes the best! But I hope she enjoys being the point guard, because that's just about the only position she will be able to play!