14 September 2014

Two-month doctor's appointment

Yesterday we visited Dr. Roscoe for Damon's two-month appointment. I was shocked to hear his weight:

Weight – 11 pounds, 1 ounce (25th percentile)
Length – 22.75 inches (25th percentile)
Head – unknown diameter (50th percentile)

Apparently he's gaining weight just fine! We're used to Avery's measurements, which are usually in the 10th percentile. So it's kind of strange to hear that Damon is in the 25th percentile. Still, he's right on track!

We talked to the doctor about two things related to feedings. First was spitting up. Damon doesn't seem to be bothered by the spit up, but I think he spits up a large quantity. And the occasions happen randomly and without warning, sometimes a few hours after he has eaten. The doctor wasn't concerned at all. He said as long as Damon isn't angry, fussy or hungry after spitting up, it's just something he'll outgrow.

We also discussed supplementing with formula. I can't seem to keep up with Damon's feedings since I've gone back to work. So when the grandparents watch Damon during the day, they'll probably give him a couple ounces of formula with breastmilk. Then I'll keep pumping at work and nursing him the rest of the day. Hopefully I can build up our frozen milk supply this way.

At the doctor, Damon got three shots and an oral vaccine. He was a little mad about them but recovered pretty quickly.

He received the same cute circus bandages just like Avery.

We'll head back to the doctor in November!