09 September 2014

BSF 2014-2015: Introduction to the Life of Moses

Welcome to a new year of BSF! This year, we will study the life of Moses. And once again, each Tuesday (or maybe another day of the week!) I will provide summaries about the lessons, starting today.

First, let’s start by talking about the Bible. Can we really trust that it’s true? The Bible contains the very words of God. It often is called the Holy Scriptures. “Holy” in Greek means “sacred, set apart.” “Scripture” in Greek means “the written record of the utterances of God.” Therefore, the Holy Scriptures are the sacred writings of God.

God used more than 40 people to write His Word during the course of 1,500 years on multiple continents. Yet the Bible is consistent and accurate. How can the Bible be error-free? It came from God’s mouth (II Peter 1:20-21 and II Timothy 3:16). God used human authors carried along by the Holy Spirit to write down His very words.

The Bible tells one story – the story of Jesus and how He has redeemed us from an empty life separated from Him. The entire Bible points to Jesus.

Even Moses’ life parallels Jesus’ life. So who was Moses? He was born an Israelite but was raised in the courts of Egypt. He is mentioned more than 700 times in 31 of the 66 books of the Bible, so it’s clear that he is an important figure in Christian history. Moses was a man of faith, prayer, humility and courage. He spoke openly with God. He knew opposition. He loved the people God called him to serve. He was born to lead, but he was not born a leader.

We will find each of ourselves in the character of Moses. So hold on for the ride as we discover more about Moses, Jesus and ourselves this year!

Things to Think About

  • The story of Moses’ life points us to Christ. Does the story of my life point others to Christ?
  • Moses was a man of faith, prayer, humility and courage. By walking with God, Moses grew into these character traits.
  • In which areas would I like God to grow me: faithfulness, prayerfulness, humility, courage?