23 September 2014

BSF 2014-2015: Exodus 2:11-25

Last week we saw Moses’ adoption into Pharaoh’s family. Forty years pass between Exodus 2:10 and Exodus 2:11. Now has an identity crisis. He was born in a Hebrew family, lived a few years with them and then lived as an Egyptian in Pharaoh’s palace. Then God calls Moses out of Pharaoh’s palace to lead His people.

At age 40, Moses goes out to look at the Hebrew slaves. He sees an Egyptian beating a Hebrew. Moses kills the Egyptian and buries his body. The day after killing the Egyptian, some of Moses’ fellow Hebrews reveal that they know he murdered the Egyptian. Moses’ sin is exposed, and he becomes afraid.

Moses inserted himself into a situation where God did not want him. Moses risked his own life to save a fellow Hebrew’s life. He had a right motive but wrong actions.

Moses escapes to Midian. His life is a wreck, but God is still active in it. Midian is about 200 miles from Egypt. In Midian, Moses meets seven women at a well. He rescues the women from some bullies. Moses cares for the women and their flock.

The women’s father gives one daughter, Zipporah, to Moses in marriage. Moses names his first son Gershom, which means “I am a foreigner in a foreign land.” It’s clear that Moses doesn’t feel at home in Midian.

Moses spends 40 years in Midian, learning how to be a shepherd. God will use this experience to help Moses be a shepherd for the Israelites. Moses also lives in and learns about the land where the Israelites later will wander for 40 years.

While Moses is in Midian, the Israelites still suffer greatly under Pharaoh. They groan and cry out to God for help. God heard them, remembered his covenant, looked on them and was concerned about them (Exodus 2:24-25). But He didn’t respond immediately. Eventually, God will send Moses back to rescue them.

Things to Think About

  • How do I respond when my sin is exposed? Do I acknowledge the sin, confess it, stop sinning and accept the consequences?
  • Moses experienced 40 years of God’s refinement. God was sanctifying Moses and getting him ready for the work He had planned for him.
  • Even when Moses sinned and made bad choices, God did not give up on him. God will not give up on me either. I shouldn’t think that my past failures will prevent God from using me.
  • Two-thirds of Moses’ life was spent preparing him for God’s work. It’s never too late to be used by God if I surrender to His will.
  • God’s rescue doesn’t always come when we want it, but it comes when it is the best time for Him to act.
  • God’s schedule is not my own.