16 September 2014

BSF 2014-2015: Exodus 1:1-2:10

In this week’s lesson, we see that God is sovereign. To be sovereign means that God is in control and determines the outcome of all things. He has the absolute authority to rule over all people and nations.

God strategically places people and orchestrates circumstances to accomplish His plans and purposes. We have nothing to fear! Knowing God is in control should bring us comfort and security.

God had a sovereign plan for Moses. It began when Joseph and his family moved to Egypt. When the book of Exodus begins, Joseph and his family have been in Egypt for almost 400 years. They have grown from 70 people to more than 1 million people.

Joseph obtained a powerful position in Egypt. But 400 years later, the current king (or Pharaoh) does not remember Joseph and his good deeds. This Pharaoh is afraid the many Israelites would rise up against him. So he forces them into hard labor and puts slave masters over them. But the more the Israelites are oppressed, the more they multiply (Exodus 1:12).

So Pharaoh concocts a second plan. He orders two midwives to kill all of the newborn Hebrew boys. These midwives fear God more than Pharaoh and disobey his order. God blesses their obedience and the risks they took.

Since Plan B fails, Pharaoh has one more idea. He orders all Egyptians to throw the Hebrew male babies into the Nile River. God protected Moses from the king’s edict.

Moses had a godly heritage. His parents knew that God had a special plan for Moses. So by faith, Moses’ mother, Jochebed, puts him in a basket in the Nile River. Pharaoh’s daughter finds Moses in the basket while she is bathing in the river. Moses’ sister Miriam is watching nearby. She approaches the princess and offers to find a Hebrew woman to nurse the baby. Miriam gets her mother. Jochebed and Amram care for Moses for three years until they return him to Pharaoh’s daughter to raise Moses in the king’s palace.

An evil king and his wicked plans could not stop God’s plan for Israel.

Things to Think About

  • When you live for God, do not be surprised when you experience opposition and oppression.
  • Nothing can stop God’s sovereign plan.
  • God blesses those who fear and obey Him.
  • Am I making decisions based on my fear of man or my fear of God? Am I living in the fear of man or walking in the fear of God?