03 July 2014

Pre-due date doctor's appointment

This morning I saw the doctor...again...for the second time this week. She wanted to check me one more time before the long holiday weekend.

Pez's heartrate was in the 140s and 150s. The doctor said Pez has moved even lower to be somewhere between -1 and 0 station. And I've progressed to 5 cm.

The doctor can tell that things are happening. She's convinced that Pez will be born before Monday, but she's said that before! She warned me that labor could happen very quickly, so I need to pay attention to my pain and contractions and not delay going to the hospital.

If I'm still pregnant on Monday, I'll have another doctor's appointment along with an ultrasound, just to be sure everything is OK. But we're hoping that we'll finally be able to hug and kiss our little Pez this weekend!