02 June 2014

How to be a big sister

Way back in March, we took Avery and her bunny Daisy to a sibling class at the hospital. We thought it would be a fun way for her to learn about being a big sister and how to care for Pez. We visited several stations around the room that touched on a variety of baby activities, especially ways a big sibling can help.

First we learned how to put Daisy in a car seat.

Then we put a diaper on Daisy.

Avery was proud of her diaper work.

And then Avery learned how to safely hold a baby. We also read some books about siblings and discussed ways Avery can help Mommy and Daddy, such as doing chores around the house. She also learned how to wash her hands properly to keep Pez safe and healthy.

After all of this, we visited the labor and delivery unit and saw a few babies through the nursery window. Then the instructor gave every child a big sibling sticker to wear when they visit the newborns in this hospital. This class really got Avery excited about becoming a big sister!