27 June 2014

Frozen, as performed by Avery

If you don't have a little girl in your life, then you might not be aware of the Disney movie phenomenon that swept the country this winter. Avery fell in love with Princess Anna and Princess Elsa the very first time she saw "Frozen," and her love for them has only grown deeper each of the hundreds of times she's watched the movie since then.

Avery owns Frozen dress-up clothes, Frozen dolls, Frozen stickers and Frozen books. For her preschool graduation, Chris and I bought her the movie soundtrack. That may have been the biggest mistake of our parenting lives! She listens to that CD constantly and knows many of the songs' words. She makes up the words she doesn't know and refuses to be corrected when she says the wrong thing.

It's pretty entertaining to listen down the hall as she sings in her bedroom, although sometimes I'm tempted to hide that CD just so we don't have to listen to the songs for a few days. But recently I discovered that Avery has taken my phone in her room with her and record herself singing the songs. You can imagine the enjoyment Chris and I got one evening when we discovered her videos on my phone. I knew I had to share them with all of you!

First, let's introduce you to Elsa:

"Hi, I'm Elsa, and I like warm hugs." I'm pretty sure that line is not from the movie.

She has such a dramatic flair!

Intermission. "I had to see what Mommy wanted." I probably wanted her to turn the volume down!

She knows exactly how to act like the characters in the movie.

This is the most popular song from the movie, sung by Idina Menzel. (I've loved Idina for years after Karen introduced me to her. She originated the role of Elphaba in "Wicked" on Broadway.) I don't understand the Pacer references at all!

I'm wondering if Avery will try her hand at drama once she gets to school. Otherwise, we'll be keeping all of this talent to ourselves. The world needs to see her perform!