08 June 2014

36-week doctor's appointment

Friday's doctor's appointment was a full one. Pez's heartbeat was 150 bpm, and he's head down. Let's hope he stays that way! I'm measuring 36 weeks...right on target. The nurse said she can tell that my body is getting ready for delivery. She guessed that I won't go full term, but I won't deliver tomorrow either!

She also said that overall I haven't gained much weight during this pregnancy, despite the fact that I feel as big as a house. She said I could gain a little more weight, and she gave me permission to eat whatever I wanted. That isn't a very good idea!

I had the strep test, and I imagine I'll get those results this week. There was a little blood in my urine, so they'll test it again to be sure everything is OK.

Now we have weekly appointments. Pez's arrive is just around the corner! I'm ready to be done with this pregnancy, and I'm so excited to meet Pez. But I'm pretty nervous about how much our life will change in a few weeks!