06 May 2014

BSF 2013-2014: What I learned this year

I hope you enjoyed studying Matthew this year and seeing Jesus walk the earth as both God and man. Here’s what I learned in Matthew this year:

What I learned in my personal study:
  • God despises hypocrisy. Throughout Matthew, Jesus denounces hypocrisy and instructs His followers not to be hypocrites. Instead Christ’s followers should live out their faith and show what they believe. This can be difficult. I’ve noticed that I sometimes act differently depending on my companions -- family, believers, unbelievers. I must act the same way around all people, and the way that I should act should be like Christ.
  • God desires us to show humility. Look at Jesus as our example! He was humble in all circumstances in the book of Matthew. I especially see this in his arrest, trials and crucifixion. Jesus never complained or exerted His power. Instead He was humble toward God and His will for Jesus’ life. This is most challenging for me at work. I want to prove to people that I’m good at my job, that I know what I’m doing and that I can be trusted. Instead, I must be humble toward people in authority over me and toward God and His purpose for me.

What I learned by serving in the School Program:
  • God can use frail, inadequate people to further His kingdom. I was nervous about taking on some new responsibilities at the beginning of this year. But God showed me that as long as I am patient, willing to learn and willing to sacrifice myself and my desires, He will train me and use me to support a team of women who work tirelessly to teach children in the Lord. As long as I am willing to let Him use me, God will do mighty things through me!
  • God is in charge of our BSF class. Sadly, the children’s supervisor in our class (my “boss”) is leaving at the end of this year. I am sad to see her go because she has been such a great mentor and example for me in countless ways. But I’m excited to work with a new supervisor and see how God will use her in this new capacity. God reminded me again that He is in control of all things. Our BSF class is His class, and His Word will go out, no matter who is in our leaders’ circle.

The book of Matthew begins with an angel telling Joseph that Mary will give birth to a son, and He will be called Emmanuel, “God with us.” The book of Matthew ends with Jesus telling His disciples that He will be with us always. When you’re struggling through a trial, when you’re rejoicing over a success or when you’re simply living everyday life, never forget that God is with you!

I hope you’ve learned something about God and yourself by reading my posts this year. Do you want to know more about God and the hope He provides through the promised Messiah, Jesus Christ? Please contact me. I want to talk to you!

Has my experience this year piqued your interest about studying God’s Word? Are you looking for answers to your questions about Christianity? Check out BSF! Find a class near you and commit to learning about God through the our study of the life of Moses next year. Or find a Bible study at your local church, ask a friend to study with you and hold you accountable or start studying on your own. God will reveal amazing things to you and will change you from the inside out when you commit to studying His Word.

See you in September when we begin our study of the life of Moses!