11 April 2014

My placenta and Pez

Today was my 28-week appointment. It was a full appointment because it included the one-hour glucose screening test, an ultrasound and a visit with the doctor.

First I drank the glucola liquid. I've heard a lot of women complain about this part of pregnancy, but I don't mind it at all. We'll get the results next week...no news is good news!

Then we moved on to the ultrasound. The ultimate goal was to check on the placenta and be sure it moved north. But we also were hoping to get some new pictures of Pez.

First off, the technician showed us Pez's arm, leg, spine, heartbeat and skull. Avery loved watching the monitor and seeing the technician point out everything. Then she gave us the greatest news of all -- the placenta has moved to a better position. No more placenta previa! And we don't need to worry about it in the future. Apparently, the placenta is always moving north, so it never should drop down to a dangerous position again.

Next the technician tried to get some good face shots. But Pez was lying face down the entire time! She said she loves doing later ultrasounds because the baby looks more like a baby instead of an alien. But Pez was very uncooperative and wouldn't show his face...the little stinker!

So here are the only two pictures we got.

Pez weighs about 2 lbs., 14 oz. This is in the 88th percentile, but we certainly don't need to worry about having a big baby yet. His heartrate was in the 140s. I am measuring 29 weeks, which is fine for a second pregnancy.

Now we start having appointments every two or three weeks. Then they will be weekly until Pez arrives. I guess this means we'd better work on the nursery since that's the only thing left to do before we meet our precious boy!