25 April 2014

5-year doctor's appointment

Earlier this week, Avery had her 5-year check-up. Over the last several weeks, we have been preparing her for receiving her kindergarten shots at this appointment. She was fine with this until we got to the doctor's office. She refused to let go of my hand and was noticeably tense.

When we got to the exam room, she started to tear up. Then she calmed down as we went through the exam. The shots were the last thing. She was sad that her favorite nurse (and Sunday School teacher) wasn't giving the shots, but she accepted it. The nurse asked her to lie down on the exam table. Avery held my hand and Chris' hand. The nurse injected three quick shots, and it was over. Avery never flinched and didn't even squeeze our hands like she said she would. And not one tear fell on her cheeks. We were so proud of the way she handled it all! And the nurse said Avery was the bravest patient they had all day.

She'll need a second dose of one of the shots in six months, but no more after that until she enters sixth grade. That seems like a long time from now!

We also talked to the doctor about a few things related to Pez and his upcoming arrival.

Here are Avery's latest stats:

Weight – 34 pounds, 6 ounces (25th percentile, same as last year)
Height – 40.25 inches (10th percentile, same as last year)

Based on her height and weight, it's just about time to move her to a booster car seat.

According to her doctor, Avery is right on track with weight, height and developmental milestones for kids her age. There are two things we need to teach her over the next year – reading (she is so close to doing this!) and tying her shoes (except none of her shoes have laces!).

We're so proud of the way our girl is growing – physically, socially, mentally and spiritually!


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