26 April 2014

30-week appointment

I finally had a normal and easy OB appointment yesterday.

Two weeks ago was the big appointment with the ultrasound, the one-hour glucose test and a visit with the doctor. The following week, my doctor's nurse called and notified me that I failed the one-hour glucose test. That meant I had to take the three-hour version. I did that test this past Monday. I passed that one! So I don't have gestational diabetes

At my appointment yesterday, Pez's heartbeat was in the 130s. I couldn't get an exact figure from the doctor because Pez was kicking me swiftly as she was measuring his heartbeat!

The doctor and I discussed my glucose test results. She said failing the first test might indicate that my blood sugar levels are increased at certain times of the day. She suggested that I watch my carbohydrate and sugar intakes just in case. But this girl loves breads and pastas!

We also discussed the minor swelling I've noticed lately in my hands and feet. It's only going to get worse as the weather heats up. She said the ultimate solution for the swelling is to deliver the baby! But in the meantime, I should be sure to drink plenty of water and not to eat too much salt.

It's hard to believe that we have just 10 weeks until Pez is due to arrive!