09 April 2014

2014 brackets: Championship update

And another tournament is over. After two of his most hated teams ended up in the final game, Chris said he wasn't going to watch it. I didn't believe him...Chris Clark not watch a championship game? Unthinkable! Until he proved it. He really didn't watch the game on Monday! But he still DVRed it so he could watch One Shining Moment, the signal of the end of the college basketball season.

Here are the final rankings (in order of ESPN points standing):

Jon (Grandpa Hromada)
0-3 in Final Four
41-30 overall
The trophy will remain in Grandpa's trophy case for another year.

0-3 in Final Four
40-31 overall
I was so close to beating my dad! At least I beat Chris! :o)

Shirley (Grandma Hromada)
0-3 in Final Four
37-34 overall
If Florida had won on Saturday, Grandma would have taken possession of the trophy.

1-2 in Final Four
27-44 overall
You read that right. Avery jumped from last place to fourth place! Here is Grandpa Hromada's comment on Avery's performance this year: "Avery had Connecticut in the final game and if she had pick them to win that game, instead of her obsession with Saint Louis, she would have that trophy in her room today and I suspect that the Bracket Challenge would be a thing of the past." I think he's right about that last part! I'm convinced one day she will figure this whole thing out and beat Chris...and maybe the rest of us.

0-3 in Final Four
37-34 overall
Chris had a rough year. He asked, "Who's idea was this anyway?!"

0-3 in Final Four
35-36 overall
Karen used to gauge her performance based on where she ranked compared to Avery. Well, there's always next year, Sis.