03 March 2014

The name game

I'm a little more than halfway through with this pregnancy. That means, we will meet Pez in about 18 weeks...give or take a few days. And we're going to need every part of those 18 weeks to name this little boy.

We struggled a bit when we chose Avery's name. But once we landed on Avery Joy, both Chris and I were very happy with it and knew it was the right name for our little girl.

But for some reason, boy names seem to be a little harder for us. We still love the boy name we selected for Avery/Cheeto, so that one is still on the list. But we're also looking at other options. It seems that Chris and I have agreed on a middle name for Pez. So we're just looking for a first name. We have a few strict requirements:

  • The first name cannot begin with an A. We want Avery and her brother to have distinct and different names.
  • The first name cannot be too plain or too unusual. We don't want a simple first name to go with our simple last name. And we certainly don't want a crazy and unusual first name that can't be spelled or pronounced. We're very middle of the road, and we think that Avery's name reflects that.
  • The first name cannot be shortened. While we have our own nicknames for Avery (AJ, Avery Bear, Boogernut, etc.), her name can't easily be shortened into other nicknames. We plan to repeat this with Pez.

This might be the most challenging task of this pregnancy!