24 March 2014

2014 brackets: Second and Third Rounds update

What an exciting beginning to the tournament! Even though so many brackets were busted this weekend, I was glad to see a lot of underdogs win over some big schools. I'm especially excited about Freddie Hoiberg's success at Iowa State.

Here are the latest rankings (in order of ESPN points standing):

Jon (Grandpa Hromada)
25-7 in Second Round
10-6 in Third Round
35-13 overall
Grandpa has bragging rights for the time being. But will he keep possession of the trophy?

24-8 in Second Round
10-6 in Third Round
34-14 overall
I didn't make a bad showing. I still have all of my Final Four teams remaining.

Shirley (Grandma Hromada)
22-10 in Second Round
10-6 in Third Round
32-16 overall
Grandma has a good chance of winning the big trophy because she has the most points possible remaining in the contest.

25-7 in Second Round
8-8 in Third Round
33-15 overall
For him, Chris is having an off year. I might actually beat him for once!

21-11 in Second Round
10-6 in Third Round
31-17 overall
Karen made some great picks. Except she lost her championship team when Kansas lost. I hope she doesn't resent me because after she selected Kansas to win it all, I told her they had a good chance at the championship.

16-16 in Second Round
5-11 in Third Round
21-27 overall
Avery did pretty well in the Second Round. But after the Third Round, she has only one Final Four team remaining, and it isn't her championship team.