19 March 2014

2014 brackets: Our picks

Welcome to Chris' favorite time of year! For him, the next several weeks will be filled with watching basketball games of every level and caliber...and eating pizza and wings! I'm sure Avery will join him for some of the games, especially the Pacer games.

As for the NCAA men's tournament, I think Chris simply will enjoy the spectacle this year since he doesn't really have a favorite team in the field.

Avery very willingly completed another bracket this year. We didn't do videos this time. It was only cute for the first few years! :o) Here is her bracket (click on the picture to see the larger image):

Chris' bracket

 Teresa's bracket

Avery's bracket

Once again, several members of the Clark and Hromada families are entered in a friendly bracket competition. My dad believes he will keep the trophy he earned last year. We'll see about that!

Good luck to everyone!