15 February 2014

Indiana's game. Avery's team.

In case that title doesn't mean anything to you, the Indiana Pacers' recent marketing slogan has been "Indiana's game. Indiana's team."

If you know Chris, you know that he's a sports fanatic. And while he can watch just about any sport, his favorite one is basketball. He always had hoped to pass along his passion for the game to Avery. He started by introducing her to the National Chris Clark Holiday, less than one month after she was born. Then later he moved on to referee signals.

Now he's trying to teach her the rules of the game as well as the Pacers players. Because of this, Avery has become a true Pacers fan. (She has no clue that they're the best team in the league so far this season, so she's not a fair weather fan!) Not only does she know the players' names and jersey numbers, she even can recognize them.

Here is the video proof.

She doesn't just know the starting five. She even knows the bench warmers, like C.J. Watson and Chris Copeland, even though she didn't mention them in this video.

Avery also likes to play basketball and pretend she is Paul George (her favorite player) while Daddy is David West or even "the other team." They run around the living room, dunking on each other and fouling each other. It's quite fun to watch her do all of this. And of course Chris is one proud sports daddy!