24 January 2014

Spilling the beans

As Chris and I talked about sharing the news about Pez with everyone, we knew we would tell Avery first. And we wanted to make it a special event. So we decided to have a family pizza and movie night along with a conversation about God's newest blessing in our lives.

We recorded her reaction for posterity:

At first, Chris said, "Avery, what's something that you've always wanted but don't have?" I stopped him right away because I was afraid she'd say a puppy or a pony or something. And then she would be extremely disappointed to find out we were having a baby!

We assumed that Avery couldn't keep a secret. So we told her the big news on a Friday followed by the grandparents, Aunt Karen and Uncle Casey over the weekend. Then we told Avery that she couldn't tell anyone else until Thanksgiving. Luckily, she never let the cat out of the bag. She was close once. One Sunday morning, she ran out of her class at church, proudly shouting, "I didn't tell anyone about the baby!" I threw my hands over her mouth before she said "baby." It turns out that she is a good secret-keeper. She was quiet about Pez until Thanksgiving.