31 January 2014

Prayers for a successful ultrasound

Chris, Avery and I finally will get to see Baby Pez on Monday afternoon! We thought it would be a pretty neat experience for Avery to join us for the big ultrasound. So the three of us will enjoy this milestone together.

I hope you'll join us in praying for these three things:

  • A happy, healthy baby.
  • A cooperative baby who is willing to reveal whether it is a boy or a girl.
  • Contentment with the results of the ultrasound. While we all will be happy whether Pez is a boy or a girl, there probably will be a little disappointment initially for at least one of us. And I definitely will cry, no matter what!

After we notify the grandparents, Aunt Karen and Uncle Casey, we'll post the big new here along with the ultrasound pictures. We can't wait to see our precious little one!