03 January 2014

13-week appointment

Today was my 13-week appointment. It's hard to believe I'm already through the first trimester! This pregnancy seems to be going much faster than Avery's.

We finally heard Pez's heartbeat. It took a minute for the nurse to find the heartbeat. But once she did, we heard a strong and healthy "woosh woosh." The nurse said everything is great, except I actually lost a couple of pounds since my last appointment. I haven't had much of an appetite lately, so I guess it's affecting my weight a little. But the nurse wasn't concerned about it. I'll definitely be gaining weight soon!

The big ultrasound is scheduled for Feb. 3. While we enjoyed Avery being a "surprise" baby, we've decided to find out the sex of the baby this time. We think all three of us will need time to prepare – whether it's a boy or a girl! Chris and I want a boy, but Avery is convinced Pez is a girl (and that we're naming her Abigail). Chris and I will be happy with another girl, but Avery will be absolutely devastated to get a brother. She said she doesn't like boy babies!

We're thinking about doing something special to reveal the sex of the baby to the grandparents and Aunt Karen, but we haven't landed on an idea yet. (We'll make a special Skype call to Uncle Casey and family.) So don't be surprised if we don't reveal the baby's sex right away!