31 December 2013

First report card - December 2013

On Avery's last day of school before Christmas break, I was surprised to find a report card in her backpack. It never occurred to me that she would get a report card at preschool. But I shouldn't have been so surprised. We are so very pleased with her preschool, the staff and the curriculum.

As we expected, Avery seems to be on target for all of her learning milestones. It looks like we need to work on some of the letter sounds, buttoning her clothes and tying her shoes. But none of her shoes have shoestrings! Even though it says she doesn't know her address or telephone number, she certainly does. I'm sure she just didn't feel like repeating them when asked. :o)

I'm so proud of how well she is doing in school. Let's hope the second semester is a good one, too!

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