13 August 2013

One down...2,459 to go

Like us, you might find this hard to believe: today was Avery's first day of preschool. One of my friends is the director of a local preschool. After we visited the school last spring, we knew it was the right place for Avery. And God confirmed our choice again last week at the open house where we met Avery's teacher (Mrs. Grider) and classroom assistant (Mrs. Millhoff). Chris, Avery and I were looking forward to the big day today.

Can you tell how excited she was?!

Chris took this week off work so he could share this experience with Avery. I'm so glad he wanted to do that for his little girl.

At the open house, Avery colored a picture and chose a hook for her backpack and lunchbox. She didn't hesitate to drop off her belongings when we reached her classroom today.

Mrs. Grider made Avery feel welcomed right away. I had to steal a hug and a kiss from her before she went inside the room. And she never did acknowledge Chris with a wave or a simple "goodbye." He didn't like that very much!

No one shed any tears! I was a little surprised about that. To keep ourselves occupied during school hours, Chris and I spent the day washing the windows at home. Before we knew it, it was time to pick up Avery.

Here is her recap of the first day.

I think it was a rousing success! So, it's one day down...2,459 to go until she graduates from high school. But who's counting?


Nancy said...

We all had a great day. Avery is such a joy!