21 August 2013

Christmas in August

A few weeks ago, the three of us joined Chris' parents for a trip to Holiday World, the country's greatest amusement park and water park combined. (We aren't the only ones who think this, according to this and this.)

Chris and I spent a day there several years ago, long before Avery was born. So this was Avery, Mike and Connie's first time at the park. It's a good thing we had a trial run at the fair earlier this summer. Avery didn't hesitate at all to hop on any ride (well, except for the big roller coasters that Daddy and Poppaw rode), including the Scarecrow Scrambler and two times on the Turkey Whirl.

Holiday World offers several kid-only rides. They were the perfect size for our new daredevil.

Avery asked Poppaw to go with her on this ride. I'm not sure he knew what he was getting into! But they both smiled the whole time.

A few months ago, Avery had her first roller coaster experience at the zoo with Grandpa Hromada. This coaster at Holiday World was pretty similar. After she got off the ride, I noticed that her bottom lip was a little bloody. She said she bit her lip during the ride. And she also spit out her gum on one of the corners! But none of that squelched her spirit!

Avery had a blast "driving" Mommaw, Poppaw and me in the Jeeps and the antique cars. She thought she was hot stuff being in the driver's seat.

This kid-sized merry-go-round was perfect for this girl who loves carousels.

As Mommaw and I were watching Avery enjoy her kiddie rides, Chris hollered at us from the first hill of one of the big coasters. Can you see Mike and Chris in the next-to-last car?

I think Avery could have spent all day on these bumper boats. She rode them twice.

I don't know where this disco pose came from. We took this picture on our way out of the park. She must have been a little hyper and tired.

Thanks for a fun experience, Mommaw and Poppaw! Avery enjoyed everything so much that we'll need to make this an annual trip.